With an industry known for its excess and waste, it’s essential to create environmentally friendly wedding dresses – without compromising on quality or beauty. CoopCouture.Art’s modern, sustainable wedding dresses and capes are designed for stylish, eco-conscious brides.

Each Coop.Couture.Art design is made wholly with woman power, without the need for electricity, and any electricity used in the studio comes from renewable resources.

CoopCouture wedding dresses

Making eco-friendly wedding dresses

 Every Coop.Couture.Art design is made to order in the UK, which means there’s no need to fly dresses across the globe and there’s no mass-production of a style only to find it doesn’t sell and needs to be disposed of.

Every design is made with 100% silk; one of the least toxic materials to produce with one of the lowest impacts on climate change of all fibres.

An eco-conscious wedding dress

Whether you leave it white, return it to be dyed another colour, or have it mounted onto canvas, Coop.Couture.Art dresses and capes are designed to be enjoyed for more than just a day.

CoopCouture Sustainable wedding dress

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