Winter Wedding Dresses

Our unique winter wedding dresses are hand-crafted in London with the finest Italian silk. With long sleeves, high necklines and bridal capes, we create wedding dresses for modern winter brides. Together, we design an embroidery pattern inspired by you and the things you love, making a truly original winter wedding dress that’s an authentic reflection of you.

CoopCouture unique wedding dresses

A warm winter wedding dress that also keeps you cool

Luxuriously comfortable to wear, our knitted silk fabric is ideal for indoor or outdoor winter weddings. Silk’s natural temperature regulating properties means a CoopCouture dress will keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. How? Silk absorbs moisture so, unlike synthetic fabrics that can make you feel wet, our dresses keep you feeling comfortable throughout the day.

CoopCouture wedding dresses

Designer winter wedding dress

Every CoopCouture design is created by hand and shaped to suit your style –  whether you want figure-hugging sexiness, or a looser, more casual bridal style. We also work together on the details. For example, you can design your winter wedding dress with long sleeves, a detachable skirt or include a cape for extra warmth during the day.

CoopCouture art deco wedding dresses

An embroidered wedding dress

Together, we design an embroidery pattern for your dress that’s inspired by you and the things you love. This piece of art is then intricately hand embroidered onto your dress, making it completely unique to you. Or, if you prefer a minimalist winter wedding dress, we leave it unembellished for a sleek and stylish bridal style.

Winter wedding capes & accessories

No winter wedding dress is complete without a cape. Not only will it help to keep you warm, it can be turned into a piece of art after your wedding day. Complete your unique style with a knitted silk headband which can also be embellished with your unique embroidery pattern.

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